Thursday, Friday and Saturday (7/25-7/27)


Thursday is the last home game for a while.

Thursday is the last home game for a while.

  • Bulls vs. Gwinnett; DBAP, Thurs 7:05p
  • Birds and Arrows; CCB PLAZA, Thurs 7p
  • Zo! & the Hot At Nights; CASBAH, Thurs 8p
  • Gasoline Stove, Kitty Box & the Johnnys; MOTORCO, Thurs 8p
  • The Wigg Report, Charles Latham, Curtis Eller; PINHOOK, Thurs 9p
  • Forces of Dance; DPAC, Fri & Sat
  • Driftwood Miracle, Attalus, Matt Phillips & the Philharmonic; MOTORCO, Fri 9p
  • Kate McGarry & Keith Ganz Duo-Palooza; CASBAH, Fri 9p
  • Vaudevillian Review; PINHOOK, Fri 9p
  • Bedawyn, Dogbane, S.O.L.; CASBAH, Sat 9p


Annuals play at Kings Friday night with Hammer No More the Fingers

Annuals play at Kings Saturday night with Hammer No More the Fingers

  • Hammer No More the Fingers, Unifier, Southern Culture on the Skids; CITY PLAZA, Thurs 5p
  • Drivin N Cryin, Terry Anderson & the Olympic Ass Kickin’ Team; LINCOLN, Thurs 9p
  • Benji Hughes, The Feeds, The Temperance League; KINGS, Thurs 9p
  • Jacob Johnson; SLIM’S, Thurs 9p
  • Wham Bam! Bowie Band, Galaxy Dynamite; POUR HOUSE, Thurs 9p
  • The Brand New Life, Yanfrew; TIR NA NOG, Thurs 10p
  • 20 Minute Tango, The Gonzo Symphonic, The Several Devils Band, Nikol; DEEP SOUTH, Thurs 10p
  • The Gravy Boys, Steph Stewart & the Boyfriends; SOUTHLAND, Fri 8p
  • Girls Rock NC; KINGS, Fri 6p
  • Mixed Solution, J-Memory, Bare the Traveler; SLIM’S, Fri 9p
  • Up the Irons, Cliff’em All, Tony Rock & Boneyard; LINCOLN, Fri 9p
  • Venger, Savagist; MAYWOOD, Fri 9p
  • Young Cardinals, Loners Society, Slinger Francisco; DEEP SOUTH, Fri 9p
  • The Aristocrats, The Hell No; POUR HOUSE, Fri 10p
  • HJMS, Ghostt Bllonde, Bleach Blonde; KINGS, Fri 10:30p
  • Honey Chile; TIR NA NOG Fri 10:30p
  • Night Shift; OXFORD, Fri 10:30p
  • Annuals, Hammer No More the Fingers, KINGS, Sat 9p
  • Bombadil, Plume Giant; LINCOLN, Sat 9p
  • Scott Miller & the Commonwealth, Mic Harrison & the High Score, BJ Barham; POUR HOUSE, Sat 9p
  • Finer, Eyes Go Lightning, A Tin Djinn; SLIM’S, Sat 9p
  • Casualty, End of Days; MAYWOOD, Sat 9p
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