About the Bridge Bus

The Bridge Bus is a locally owned and operated nighttime bus transit that links the cities of Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina.  It also provides charter services for folks looking for a reliable, comfortable and unique way to get to weddings, parties, sporting events and many other fun activities.

The founder of The Bridge, John Parks, conceived of the idea when he became frustrated with the lack of public transportation options in the Triangle area at night. After hearing others in both Raleigh and Durham complain that the 60 mile round trip prevented them from enjoying the things that they wanted to do, he decided to come up with a solution — in bus form!

John wanted to create and provide an experience that reflected the unique character of Raleigh and Durham and would encourge the residents of each city to enjoy each others’ local businesses.  When he found a nearly new, flat-nosed Blue Bird school bus with air conditioning, he knew he could turn it into something special.  He purchased and re-outfitted the bus over the summer of 2012 for an official launch of the business in October.

As word spread of the new nighttime service, the Mr. Parks found that people were also interested in chartering the bus for special events and group transport, so he added charter rental and group RDU pick-up/drop-off as options.

John lives in Durham with a psycho hose beast dog, Mona.

Thank you for visiting the site — hope to see you on the bus soon!