Bridge Bus Runs on Third Fridays

BBR-3F’s vision is to utilize The Bridge Bus to connect art galleries, studios and restaurants in the Downtown Durham Districts on 3F (Third Friday Durham).


Check out our route! Download a PDF to the Right. BridgeBusMap

Download a - BridgeBusMap

By providing transit that runs to key drop off and pick up points utilizing one of Durham’s own small businesses, we stand together putting our best foot forward showing solidarity in the growth and partnership of Durham.

Distance at this point is the main item that divides the downtown districts and prevents people from circulating to events that occur across town on third Friday.  Business thrives by providing the opportunity and excitement through a rotating scene of events.

Third Friday has already been established as the city’s monthly art and culture focal point.  By connecting the boroughs we present a thriving social scene, which is key in the development of tourism and inviting businesses to our town.

Raleigh has a strong First Friday presence because the arts and food community that support the city events day is clustered in one area. Durham, while experiencing explosive cultural and entrepreneurial growth in recent years, is at a geographical disadvantage in that many of its Third Friday participants are not within walking distance of one another.

By taking a test run for (5) 3F cycles, we will have the opportunity to reach out for local funding from our government, show numbers, effectiveness and enhance our communities social engagement.

If all partners below participate we significantly decrease the cost to all. All funds should be collected through the Bridge Bus website no later than the second Friday prior to the event to ensure a full run.

What do we provide our businesses?

Partners who join in and commit to contributing for the following 5 runs will have a link from the Bridge Bus website, there logo on the website for the 3F run to show a commitment to creating the overall friendly environment to Downtown Durham Partnership.

 Who is taking part:


Routes, Places:


Central Park Corridor:

Broad St Corridor: (Future Expansion)

  • Craven Allen
  • The Green Room
  • Watts St. Grocery
  • The Palace International
  • Joe Van Gogh
  • Broad St. Cafe

9th St Corridor: (Future Expansion)

  • Outsider Art Gallery
  • Dain’s Place
  • The Tavern
  • Elmos Diner
  • Cosmic Cantina
  • Chubby’s Tacos